"Undone Earrings" were inspired by a very short lived work created by artist Andy Goldsworthy where he assembled an inverted nest-like structure out of driftwood that was lifted and slowly deconstructed by the tide- seen in the documentary Rivers and Tides. Inlaid reclaimed 18k gold, floats and disperses in a sea of green.

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Landscape sculptor Andy Goldsworthy is renowned throughout the world for his work in ice, stone, leaves, wood.

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Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia. Twice everyday the Bay of Fundy fills and empties of its 100 billion tonnes of water, creating the highest tides in the world.

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This is a pretty composition. Not quite sure about the twigs in her hair, but it kinda fits the mood here

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From “Rivers and Tides” "Goldsworthy heads to the shore early in the morning when the tides are low. He begins to collect wood and pile them up to create a dome on the rocky landscape of the banks. He starts by building it in a circle around himself. The process is tedious because a small twig in the wrong place can dismantle the entire piece. As his work is nearing completion, the water level rises and begins to seep into the dome. Against the setting sun, the tide engulfs his work..."

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