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Carried ashore in New York with feet crushed and frostbitten Mr Harold Bride, second wireless operator of the Titanic, leaving the RMS Carpathia. (Topham/Topham Picturepoint/PA Images)


People gather in New York to await the arrival of survivors of the sinking of the RMS Titanic aboard the RMS Carpathia on April 18, 1912. (The New York Times)


The RMS carpathia: The Carpathia was the ship that came to Titanic’s rescue when the cruise ship met with its accident. It took my Uncles to France during WWI. The Carpathia met with an untimely accident when it was destroyed by German submarine in the year 1917 i.e. at the time of World War I. The Carpathia shipwreck was found in the year 1999 by a company known as Argosy International Ltd. The Carpathia took my uncles to war in France in 1916. They were in the Forestry divisions.

Carpathia fired rockets to alert survivors that she was coming after Titanic's sinking.In the morning light the danger to the lifeboats was apparent....floating ice was all around them with 100 ft. icebergs of different colors as the sun struck them.


RMS Carpathia Medal given to Carpathia crew members for rescuing the Titanic survivors


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