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HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus):lentovirus (slowly-replicating retrovirus); has RNA as genetic material and synthesizes DNA, using reverse transcriptase to incorporate its genetic material into host's genome; causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS); may be spread by contact with body fluids, including blood/semen; binds to CD4 receptors on the surface of target cells within its host; uses host cell's own enzymatic machinery-drugs can interfere w/ host's functions & cause side…


HOW ABOUT A LITTLE RNA VIRUS IN THAT VACCINE, SIR? In DNA viruses, viral genetic code is injected in the host DNA for duplication and decoding. RNA viruses skip DNA for duplication and decoding. Scientists have used the unique ability of RNA viruses to create stronger versions that break down the human immune system.


The Dengue Virus that causes Dengue Fever and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever is transmitted via Mosquitoes #macro #micro #photography


Prevention of RNA virus replication Check more at


Neurotropic Viral Infections: Neurotropic Rna Viruses (Hardcover)

Neurotropic Viral Infections: Neurotropic Rna Viruses

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Rosalind Franklin: denied inclusion in Nobel Prize for cracking DNA code despite critical contribution #FilmHerStory


Structure of typical viruses, the smallest microbe on Earth. Virus is merely a packet of DNA or RNA information. This packet of information is sort of like an instruction manual on how to reproduce. Read more:

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RNA Viruses : A Practical Approach / Edition 1