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29 Simple Road Trip Hacks You Need To Know

A cereal container is the perfect no-spill trash can. | 29 Simple Road Trip Hacks You Need To Know

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Bored on a road trip? Download the “Along the Way” app. It searches your travel route and tells you exactly what attractions and... Find it here

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The peppermint keeps you peppy while driving

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24 Incredibly Necessary Life Hacks To Make Your Days Much Easier will tell you the lowest possible gas prices along your route.

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Is there anything that feels more like summer than the freedom of setting out on a road trip? As warm weather winds down, AT&T is celebrating the road trip as the last summer hurrah, and …

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5 road trip snack hacks; snack bin

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17 Road Trip Hacks That Will Save Your Summer

It's road trip season! All across America, people are piling into their cars and taking to the open road. But as anyone who's driven for longer than two ...

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15 Road Trip Hacks That'll Make For A Smooth Ride

Avoid backseat disarray with an organizer complete with all of the essentials. | 15 Road Trip Hacks That'll Make For A Smooth Ride

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Road Trip Essentials -

Road Trip Essentials Supply Kit for packing your car for a roadtrip| travel tip

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This is so true because you're using your brain different than when you listen to music. With music you can get put in a somewhat trance with the vocals and instrumental which will do nothing but relax you and diddle with your alertness. When listening to a comedian you are more alert because you don't know what is going to be said next and you want to make sure you hear the entire joke. It will keep you on your toes.

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