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Rob Delaney (b 1977) is a comedian, actor, and writer, currently living in London. He was born and raised in BOSTON; he attended New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and graduated with a degree in musical theater in 1999. He is married and has three children.


Comedian Rob Delaney On Depression -

Tweeting the situation in Ukraine...let's all get on the phone...

Tweeting the situation in Ukraine.

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21 Rob Delaney Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

"Donuts are gay bagels." Don't miss Rob Delaney's hilarious second season of Catastrophe, now streaming on Amazon Prime...

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Rob Delaney And Ellen Page’s Twitter Feud Was Probably Fake, But Still Depressing

Rob Delaney posted a random tweet about hating a screenplay, and got called out by Ellen Page, who apparently wrote it.