iwantcupcakes: “Way back in 1988, (Robert Downey Jr.) was tasked with perhaps his greatest acting challenge: Playing second fiddle to a jocked-out Anthony Michael Hall in a little football comedy called “Johnny Be Good.” Now, most guys with Downey’s talent would have seen this as beneath them and simply phoned it in....

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robert downey jr photo: Robert Downey Jr. checkeredshirt.jpg

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Robert Downey Jr....proof you can overcome anything and come back stronger and better than ever!

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Only You, Marisa Tomei & Robert Downey Jr. "The truth is, you make your own destiny... Don't wait for it to come to you."

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Young Robert Downey Jr. seemed predestined for light romantic comedy roles. Who would have guessed he'd one day find worldwide fame in two of the movies' great hero roles - Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes?

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