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BEMBE MALE RELIQUARY FIGURE, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO muzidi, the eyes made of porcelain shards (misidentified in Lagamma 2007 as ivory). Height: 23 in (58.4 cm) Collected by a French citizen in the Congo in the 1940s READ note


Yombe Phemba (Maternity) Figure, DR Congo


LUENA MASK, ANGOLA H 31.1 cm "This mask with its especially imposing band is of the Pwevo [pwo] type of the Lwena [Luena] who live in the upper Zambeze [Zambezi] region in Angola, Zaire and Zambia. The sculpted band is characteristic of one of the two types of female masks made by these people. The opening at the rear of the mask was probably covered by a fringe of fibers or strips of leather attached to the holes pierc..." - the Lwena who have a preference for people with honey-colored…

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The Court of Modernism

Robert Rubin's House of Glass - de Verre/ Paris, France/ 31 Rue-St. Guillaume/ 1928