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Robin From Batman

He distracts Ra's from stopping Lucius Fox from making Drake the controlling shareholder of Wayne Enterprises. Realizing that Red Robin has bested him, Ra's commends him, calls him 'detective' and launches Tim out of the window. Tim is happy that he was able to achieve victory without any compromises, and is saved from falling by Dick Grayson (as Batman).

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Prime 1 Studios Batman Arkham Knight: Robin(Tim

Prime 1 Studios Batman Arkham Knight: Robin(Tim Drake) Statue “I won’t let you down, Bruce. I’ll keep fighting. Always.” Prime 1 Studio is proud to present MMDC-06 ROBIN from the Batman Arkham. Tim...


Batman Beyond & Robin Beyond: Remake of Rebirth: Dana Tan (biological daughter of Blackfire) dislikes the bullies Nelson Nash (biological son of Guy Gardner), Reno (biological son of Hal Jordan), Bradley (biological son of Reese Kayler) & Blade Sommer (biological daughter of Ice Maiden). Dana Tan: Stay away from my babe Ter (biological son of Batman), you boisterous stalker bully scamps! I got a knife! Terry's 4 bullies: *freaks out & gasp*


Anime style Robins from Batman. Dick Grayson aka Nightwing, Jason Todd aka The Red Hood, Tim Drake aka Red Robin and Damian Wayne aka Robin.