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As you probably know, I've been rewatching the old Teen Titans like crazy these past few weeks so I did some ink doodles of each titan as an actual teen. I can't help but imagine how a 2016 in...


#ShareIG Have you ever liked someone but then the other person kinda stops talking to you suddenly & then you're all like "Oh psh, well I'm done. I don't like him anymore, It's all over now." but thennn, you guys start talking again & your heart kinda stops everytime you're with him.. ugh, well yeah I'm back at it again BUT HERE'S A LITTLE WARNING: STICK TO YOUR FANDOMS & OTPS, CAUSE TRUST ME, FALLING IN LOVE WITH REAL PEOPLE SUCKS! - #heedmyadvicemylovelies #sticktoyourotps #ugh #fml…