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10 minutes ago

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"Your First Robot" gives you the complete step-by-step instructions for 15 different easy robotics projects. Find your Maine Summer Science Camp at

Found in a cardboard box in front of store with "Free to good home" written on the side...

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Campbell's Soup Robot. I was watching the "Twilight Zone" marathon at New Years...,this reminds me of the one where an old woman is attacked by aliens, but it turns out that she is a giant and the aliens are us.

Found Object sculpture by ultrajunk. post: Robots Made From Found Objects. via Dishfunctional Designs

Name: Jungle Boogie D.O.B.: 11/26/11 Height: 12.5" Principal Components: Tea tin, opera glasses, telephone ringer bell, wrenches, clock gear, hydraulic fittings, button. Amy Flynn Designs.

otamemo. They'd have cute robots too, right? Some variety in the Vanguard. Though functionality is first and foremost.

From the remarkable collection of Steampunk characters, engines and vehicles created by Belgian artist Stephane Halleux. Source: www.beautifullife...

Jordan's Christmas ornament idea. We'll make ours this year from the homemade porcelain.

Top Ten Robots That You Never Knew You Wanted » Yanko Design ... giftideasformen.p...

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Fun clock Reminds me of the Exhibition at Shelburne Museum this season called "Time Machines: Robots, Rockets and Steam Punk." Very cool.


I have to admit there's something cute about these. And really, who DOESN'T need a robot plushie? Link has several versions.

Smart Security Robot by Puppetworks Studios for Eset *the light blue-green accents are intriguing *

Some beautiful poster design. Remember the rule of thirds and the golden rule? This poster has it all. Oscuro by ~jTonatiuh

Phineaus Grock by Bruce Whistlecraft / Doktor A (Scary looking thing, isn't it?)

Holi - Found Object Robot Assemblage Sculpture by by Adoptabot. LOVE her!!***Research for possible future project.

Sooo cute totaly goin to make one probably use a fabric wth hearts on it for valentines Day for friends nd family

Love the fog in the background, it creates a sense of gloom and sadness. Its another take of the Tin Man. It creates emotion.

Shape Robot Art Assessment Lesson: An excellent back-to-school project for Kinders, these Shape Robots offer a look into how well a child can cut and paste, identify shapes and apply a little whimsy to their artwork.

Doktor A is a legendary maker of mind-bending Steampunk toys.

  • Alisha Hird

    makes me think of Tick-tock from Return to Oz

  • Sky Blue

    Looks like the mom from Roly Poly Olie, a children's book and tv show. Cute!

  • Nefastus Letum

    I'm wondering the same. You can easily see the core build of the suit is the Sazabi, but you can also see influences of the Heavyarms. Absolutely gorgeous

  • Papa Kudanil

    amazing. wonder how long did it take to build it.

iPeace Transhumanism stresses the moral urgency of saving lives, or, more precisely, of preventing involuntary deaths among people whose lives are worth living.

To represent curiosity, imagination, and simpler times. Placement, ball of my foot :)

Robocop [Future Robots:]

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