Found in a cardboard box in front of store with "Free to good home" written on the side...

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#Steampunk version of the #Machinarium-game character created by Amanita Design

Policía de un futuro hipotético, ilustrado en la película de Robocop del 2014

Baaad robot is an awesome studio logo. love it! colors are kinda okay

Found Object Robot Assemblage Sculpture By Brian Marshall by adopt-a-bot, via Flickr

Robots-That's a normal theme for a nursery right?

Cyberpunk android

@Lauren Davison Davison Scruggs (you and B might be interested in this board)

This robot cardboard tube craft is so fun to make!

RECYCLED Reused Upcycled ROBOT Sculpture - "Look into my Eyes" - fond objects art

American artist Brian Marshall (aka Adoptabot) makes his sculptures from junk and vintage appliances.

Toy robots on shelf Photograph - Toy robots on shelf Fine Art Print

Free printable robot coloring page

This was the robot that was used as inspiration for my robot tattoo! This little guy is sooo cute!

Michał Janusik on

Found Object sculpture by ultrajunk. post: Robots Made From Found Objects. via Dishfunctional Designs

#LGLimitlessDesign #Contest I love these. Made from old coffee and baking tins.

robot medic, Jakub Rozalski on ArtStation at

Yeah! Japanese Robots! // otamemo: ねんどろいど ドロッセルお嬢様チャーミング版 : おためも!

"My Day 04 contribution to #botober! Modeled in Maya, rendered in KeyShot3D" Four-Bot by steve talkowski

Printable mix-n-match robot blocks

Oh! I think this is my favorite!!! Look at that patina! Tinkerbot.

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