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Rock Art

1 hour ago

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Clever rock art! Scenes like this would be very nice on an outdoor garden wall.

Painted Rocks – Art Therapy / tutorial and tips on how to paint rocks and pebbles

will have to try favorite flower and use Agates I have found...will have to look for the driftwood too by artist: Michela Bufalini

How to carve rocks with a dremel tool! this appeals to my geologist side and my crafty nature!

Good Ideas For You | Stones & Rocks. Lots of rock art here. ...MKL...

Julie paints rocks that are extra-ordinary. Mostly she paints animals, but she added a new dimension to her collection; painting a water scene including koi, lily pads, and a dragonfly on slate. I could not resist! garden art | Garden Art - DIY Crafty Projects

Perfect project! I have jars of rocks, stones and sea glass my son gave me throughout his childhood

Simple but Artistic Ways to Preserve Small Pieces of Rocks

Richard Shilling makes his "land art" using only natural materials gathered near where the sculpture is made. Some of his work lasts only a few minutes before a change sweeps them away. Gallery of his work on the Telegraph site

Ok... Sparks an idea. Not with rocks, but I LOVE the idea of putting a family tree outside as yard art!

Piedra pintada a Mano

Would love to have these all throughout my flower beds. Maybe my talented sister will do some for me... hint hint

would make good porch art

Pebble Rock Art. This costs $145 on Etsy & is adorable but I thought a fun project with kids could bring a very cute, frame-able end result.

Michela Buffalo -- incredible rock artist -- see many other examples, pure pleasure to look at

Art Drops magnets made from pebbles - magnets huh? I like them just to put in the rock garden!

tree stump art ideas | Bird & Bumble Bee Tic-Tac-Toe game - hand paint rocks and a tree stump ...

Recycle Reuse Renew Mother Earth Projects: Rock Art work

Amusing Stone Art Hirotoshi Itoh uses rocks obtained in a river bank close to his house to make sculptures with an incredible sense of humor and structure.

Lori-Lee Thomas - Fine Art & Illustration Blog: Out from beneath the rocks.

A PLACE for PURPLE Passion - hand painted rock art

Probably the only way for me to have anything green around for long...

Tips for successful rock painting. Includes where to get them, art storage, inspiration, creative tips and more. Painted rocks blogger Cindy Thomas

{Painted Stone Sheep Wall Art] goodideasforyou.c...