Demonstrating processes of the earth can be a valuable way for showing students things that take place over a long time. This “Rock Sandwich” science lab helps students to visualize the process of sedimentary rocks turning into metamorphic rocks.

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School House Rock - Science - Energy I would use this to introduce the unit and to get the students attention.

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This is an amazing unit on studying rocks and soil. Totally hands-on. They make a rock museum, float pumice and sink other rocks, describe their rocks in their science journals, sift soil, there are printables about what we use rocks for that can go right in the journals. Love this!

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Pop Rocks Summer Science Experiment for Kids - This has got to be one of the coolest experiments. Simple to do, but will amaze kids from Preschool and Kindergarten to 1st-6th grade.

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FREE Rock Sorting and Soil Samples Station Sheets! Lots more available in our "Rock"in' It in K Unit!

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