Rocky Balboa. Picked this up on DVD at a car boot sale. Paid £1. That was a pound well spent. I wasn't expecting much but what a great movie. Rocky was great, Rocky 2 was good but never got around to watching the rest. This was excellent.

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Batin Boxeo Rocky VI

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Rocky VI Discurso Subtitulos

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The sixth "Rocky": Adrian died years ago and he (guess) named a restaurant after her. Her brother Paulie is still around (guess). And now why you're watching this: Boxer Mason "The Line" Dixon, undefeated, wants to challenge a real contender - Rocky. Written/directed by Stallone. Produced by Irwin Winkler's son Charles ("Rocky Marciano").

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Ver Online Rocky VI (Rocky Balboa) | Español Latino ---> El Mejor Cine en Casa |

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Taza Rocky Balboa. Póster Rocky VI

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