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UNHRC: Investigate Rodrigo Duterte for Murder

UNHRC: Investigate Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte for Murder. He is corrupt and dangerous.

Esquire Magazine Hits the Shelves This Month with Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and His Thoughts on a List of Tough Questions - Read More


Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has announced his intention to outlaw online gambling in the Southeast Asian country. Duterte revealed the plans while presenting a budget for 2017, but did no…

Philippines vice president quits cabinet role over Duterte 'plot'

Philippines vice president resigns from cabinet over president Rodrigo Duterte 'plot'


Rodrigo Duterte’s Army of Online Trolls

How authoritarian regimes are winning the social media wars.

Plight and prejudice: Sexism in Philippine society - "Some instances include Duterte’s catcalling of broadcast journalist Mariz Umali during a press conference in May, as well as his comment that he "should have been first," pertaining to the gang rape and murder of an Australian in 1989. Duterte refused to apologize for the comment, saying “this is how men talk"...She believes that this type of language from someone who was a popular candidate and now the current president emboldens..."…


Philippine president-elect says 'corrupt' journalists will be killed

You won’t be harmed if you don’t do anything wrong, says Rodrigo Duterte, pledging to end crime in six months by assassinating criminals as and journalists....a glimpse of the pending Trump presidency

The "madman theory" of nuclear war has existed for decades. Now, Trump is playing the madman.

Is Donald Trump a madman? Or would he like foreign leaders to think he might be just a little unstable? Such questions are being batted around in papers like the Boston Globe and the Washington Post in response to the president-elect’s foreign policy moves: his provocations toward China, his attacks on NATO and the UN, his warm overtures toward Rodrigo Duterte and Vladimir Putin. (Click on "Read it" for full article.)