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I have decided that I love her outfit. I would totally wear this, maybe I could make some of it

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Whisler - A leader of the thieves guild. He always keeps his identity hidden. In fact, he is Eratil, the Chamberlain of Tharbad (2nd in command). He has knack for survival but has an irrational hatred of Imlach, the Gondorian Commander who is in charge of protecting Tharbad and ensuring trade continues.

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K-2! I love you. You're like Chewie and R2 combined!

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Cassian Andor. Jyn Erso. RebelCaptain. Jassian. Rogue One. Star Wars

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I am one with the force, the force is with me.

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Rogue One/ Avatar:tLA crossover.... this is great and perfect because it's my two biggest fandoms

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Red Haired Rogue

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I'm very angry that there wasn't one. <- literally same, I was waiting and when they didn't do the whole big beginning thing I gasped very loudly lol

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