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Just have to luv Maxine. Taking down the bird feeder. Leave it to Maxine to come up with a solution For the mess that America is now in economically. I bought a bird feeder. I hung It on my back porch and filled It with.

Pardon the French! Roll Tide!!

Nick Saban does not drink warm beer. Using the basic principles of heat transfer Spin Chill devices can take a beer (or soda if you prefer) and chill it in seconds.

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They will never be as good as Alabama so all you haters just suck it up an get over it When You Say, "I Hate Alabama ".All I Hear Is, "I Wish We Were As Good As Alabama "

This girl loves screaming at the TV during football games!

Yes I'm a girl, yes I watch football, and yes, I yell and scream at the TV as if the coaches and players can hear me!

Roll Tide! #rtr

Roll Tide! #rtr