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How to Make a Roller Coaster Costume

Cut out the shape of your roller coaster seat. We rounded the top, and cut an oval opening for you to insert self. Also left the side flaps to fold and be the side of the coaster.


Crafts for Men & Boys to Make

★ Crafts for Men & Boys to Make | Manly Projects to Build and Sew ★ how cool would this be in the back yard? You have to look through this site a bit too get to it but it's worth the look for all the other projects WHY JUST MEN & BOYS?!?! Lol!


Work on 3D art by decorating strips of paper (maybe work on patterning) and turning them into a roller coaster, train track, mine cart, or water slide.


Is That a Roller Coaster in Your Backyard?

The DIY Backyard Rollercoaster: Backyard Genius Awards.....mabey if i lived on a farm with enough room!!!


Rockin' Roller Coaster...and a Partial (I'm in Haven)