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We will mourn, we will grieve, we will remember what America has lost and is in danger of losing, and we will roll up our sleeves and reclaim America for all Americans, including those who have dishonored her the most with their hate-mongering, fearmongering, and greed. The torch of the Statue of Liberty has dimmed but we will never let it go out. This is what it means to be a Liberal. This is what it means to be an American.

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Never Flat Bicycle Tires

Say goodbye to flat tires for good by swapping your standard wheels for these never flat bicycle tires. Rather than rely on air, these new tires are made from a solid material equivalent to 100 psi while providing incredible grip and extremely low rolling resistance.


Special Feature: Bering Yachts 77' Expedition Series | Page 2 | YachtForums: The World’s Largest Yachting Community Bering's hybrid hull design is one part round bilge, one part hard chine and one part bilge keel. The result is better passive stabilization by presenting a some hard edges to resist lateral rolling motions, but still maintaining the dampening characteristics of a round bilge hull. This can be most effective at anchor or in a beam sea.


the cherubim air line’s framework is designed to avoid any right angles or hard edges, reducing the air-resistance found in conventional bicycles.


Clip from the OmniBall ALL AB series. Get yours today and transform your entire body, straight from the core! This plank variation workout is designed with added rolling resistance to maximize results! Stay bikini ready with these key moves. #FEWDM


The G-1 clear pool table by Nottage Design. The Vitrik playing surface replicates the rolling resistance of an average speed cloth. It is hard wearing and allows spin to be applied and retains consistent roll characteristics over its lifetime. Also comes with white frame instead of black.

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French Toast Cannoli Rollups

French Toast Cannoli Roll Ups: this fun breakfast/brunch recipe gets french toast rolled up with classic cannoli flavors. You won't be able to resist it!

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Strawberry Cream Cheese Danish

Who can resist flaky crescent rolls combined with a sweet cream cheese and strawberry filling? These strawberry cream cheese danish are so addictive!