Ancient Roman Helmet can be used as inspiration for what futuristic military equipment could or would look like. Interested in the styling, formal decoration, and shape. Also interested in the way the helmet shows how metals deteriorate and how their colors change in that process.

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Deluxe Roman Centurion Helmet with Red Plume | Plumed Helmets | Helmets | Armor | Heavenly Swords

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Roman Soldier soldier helmet made of cardboard. Good idea for youth Easter play. Finish it off with crinkle gauze cloth, paint, and rub and buff.

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Roman soldier helmet made out of a spray painted: baseball cap (flipped backwards), cardboard (for the ear flaps and visor), feather boa, styrofoam plate edges (attached to the top part of the baseball cap - you can try paper plates and glue; I used duct tape), embossed vinyl fabric glued to the cardboard visor and ear flaps, and gold fringe. Feel free to embellish further!

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Roman soldier helmet.. Helmet of salvation :) 1. Cut out template shown with cardboad. 2. Fasten straps with brads 3. Staple strips of red paper along top strap 4. Optional-slit red strips in two and bend to make it look fuller DONE! 5. Let kids paint and decorate!!!

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