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Ancient Rome: Twelve Tables of Roman Law Using Classroom as Courtroom

In my opinion this remains the best lesson I have on TpT for teaching about Ancient Rome...You receive a four-six hour unit plan for studying ancient Roman law through engagement and interaction between the teacher and the class and classmates themselves.


Roman Law, Scots Law and Legal History

Roman Law, Scots Law and Legal History | Shopping - The Best Deals on World History

Roman Law in the State of Nature offers a new interpretation of the foundations of Hugo Grotius' natural law theory. Surveying the significance of texts from classical antiquity, Benjamin Straumann argues that certain classical texts, namely Roman law and a specifically Ciceronian brand of Stoicism, were particularly influential for Grotius in the construction of his theory of natural law. The book asserts that Grotius, a humanist steeped in Roman law, had many reasons to employ Roman…

Roman Society and Roman Law in the New Testament: The Sarum Lectures 1960-1961 (Oxford University Press academic monograph reprints) by A. N. Sherman-White

Roman provinces


aemiliana-studies: “All of my notes for week 1 of 12 of my Roman Law module done! I punched a hole in the cards and put them on a binding ring to keep them together and to make revising them...

The Twelve Tables were the first attempt of the Romans to have a code of law. Because of the dispute for legal and social protection and civil rights between the privileged class and the common people, ten men were appointed to create the Twelve Tables which would tie both parties together.