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Roman Numeral 4

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Roman Numeral Packet o' Fun

Teach Roman Numerals the Fun Way! V, count 'em, V fun and entertaining activities to practice Roman numerals, including matchstick puzzles, digital Roman numeral clocks and oder the Popes from I through XXIII!


Roman numerals math (my kids know how to read Roman numerals from their McGuffey’s lessons; use Popsicle sticks on the table) Big hit with 8 and 10 year old; we went up to 11. I handed 8yo the total number of sticks she would need to form into shape. However, she can read Roman numerals easily; today she read “49” in her McGuffey’s. Each number is a little equation: 1,2,3, are easy, teach that V is five, so 4 is “1 before 5 or I before V”, 6 is one after 5 or I after V = VI, etc


Roman Numeral Worksheet --- A great resource for assisting Year 5 and 6 students develop their understanding of Roman Numeral. This is a two page resource!   #reachingteachers