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The Roman Empire made great advancements in transportation through the use of roads. These roads allowed for easier trade and effective travel between cities. Sources:


Roman engineering - the roads. The Romans built the finest roads in antiquity. A deep trench was dug, into which was laid a layer of flat stones; next, stones in mortar, topped by concrete or sand or more stones. Finally, cobbles were set in mortar. The edges, unpaved on both sides, functioned as sidewalks.

from Ancient History Encyclopedia

Roman Roads

The long straight roads built by the Romans have, in many cases, become just as famous as their greatest emperors. Roman engineers were audacious in their plans to join one point to another in as straight a line as possible. Consequently, roads used bridges, tunnels, & other architectural & engineering tricks to create a series of breathtaking but practical monuments which spread from Portugal to Constantinople. The network of Roman roads covered over 120,000 km. (Info by Mark Cartwright)…


Being a Roman citizen, he understood the intricate Roman roads. This aided him in spreading the gospel to reach the ends of the earth. Paul would usually start out preaching to the Jews in the synagogues, and then he would move to preaching to the Gentiles. Paul considers himself Jesus’ apostle to the Gentiles. There was not another man from this time period that had qualities such as Paul. (Hendriksen and Kistemaker 2002 340-341)