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Here is a list of TOP 10 free things to do in ROME to encourage you to pay a visit to and examine this historical urban center!

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5 Hidden Gems of Rome That Most Tourists Never See

The hidden gems of Rome. Find out about some of the less-known amazing places in Rome that most tourists never see. One by one top experiences, all within walking distance from the city centre. Read it and save it for later because one day your road will lead to Rome too!

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15 Most Beautiful photos of Italy : Cities and Places to Visit in Italy - The Coloseum, Rome, Italy

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Ostia Antica (Italy). 'Not many people make it out to Ostia Antica, Rome’s version of Pompeii. But make the effort and you’ll find that its wonderfully preserved ruins are easily on a par with the more famous sites in the city centre.'

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Pantheon, Rome - commissioned by Marcus Agrippa during reign of Augustus 27 BC-14 CE; rebuilt by Hadrian c125-128. Classic Romanized Greek portico introduces, but also disguises, cylindro-spherical interior. Dedicated to deities of the known planets, building posits statement on the physical and philosophic nature of the universe.

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How It Came to Be: The Origins of the Vatican City

Visited - Rome, Italy God's beam of light in St. Peter's Basilica - (HDR) by farbspiel, via Flickr

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The monumental Christmas tree that rises every year in the centre of St Peter’s Square has become such an essential part of Rome’s festive season that many people think it has always been an integral part of the Vatican Christmas celebrations.

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