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OJ SIMPSON VERDICT. Kardashian is about to fall over.......they all knew OJ was guilty. Even the 12 jurors.

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Glen Rogers

Glen Rogers-serial killer-Authorities suspected Rogers in the stabbing or strangling of an elderly man from Ohio in 1993 and four women in California, Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana. He originally claimed that the number of murders was closer to 70, but then later recanted his statement, claiming he was joking and had not committed any murders at all. Claimed he killed Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman that OJ Simpson was tried for. It is known he killed 2, but suspected of 5.


This is perhaps the most famous court case of all time. But in case you are not familiar, it goes something like this: Nicole Brown Simpson, ex-wife of famed footballer OJ Simpson, was found viciously murdered, along with friend Ronald Goldman, just outside of her Brentwood home. Found: Not Guilty


How do Democrats respond to the coming of Donald Trump? The tens of thousands in the streets across the country provide one answer: no business as usual. Comparison to Ronald Reagan.

OJ Simpson acquitted of murdering his wife, Denise, and her friend Ronald Goldman - October 3, 1995