Rooming with Your BFF: A Guide to Your Best, Most Drama-Free Year Yet | Her Campus

Rooming With Your BFF: A Guide to Your Best, Most Drama-Free Year Yet

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''Roommate Rules'' Canvas Wall Art by Louise Carey Awesome rules for roommates to live by!

Good topics you and your roommate may need to discuss!

Roommate Contracts

Good topics you and your roommate may need to discuss! - it's good to set boundaries that first week together so we don't have to do room swaps two months into the semester. roommate contracts are a necessity.

Pinteresting: Golden Rules for Living  Im seriously going to print this out for my room and future dorm or apartment or hosue.. Not kidding.

Golden Rules for Living. Could change this a little bit as house rules for kids

13 Essential Rules To Have With Your Roommates, According To Reddit

These Rules Will Make Life With Roommates Easier

Pretty much everyone lives with a roommate at least once in their life — and whether it happens in a college dorm or your first post-grad apartment, you're likely to have a learning curve when you start living with people who are not your family.

13 Roommates Share The Most Absurd House Rules That Actually Worked -

It can get especially hard when one of your roommates doesn't pick up after themselves. Check out these creative ways to keep all your roommates in line.

The biggest problem with your roommate is that he is not you. He never will be. He's not as smart, classy, or funny as you. Face it! ARGUMENTS are going to happen. But I can help you negotiate a TRUCE.

Q&A a Day 5 Year Journal

Are you and your roommate on the same page? Refer to the roommate citation pad for the rules of being a good roommate.

Some of these are relevant and really good... Some not so much but ya know dorm ideas DIY dorm ideas #diy

Should You Make a Roommate Contract? (Plus A Roommate Contract Template!)

This is a REALISTIC apartment cleaning schedule…nobody has time to vacuum/sweep/clean shower every day…these are things that can realistically be done in an apartment and organized between you and your roommates on a busy schedule!

A cleaning schedule that only includes the things that actually need to be cleaned daily/weekly/monthly! A reasonable time frame for everything that needs to be cleaned in your house