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Rosanna Pansino Husband

I am in love with this man’s mustache! How can I convince my husband to grow one just like it?! Rosanna Pansino's dad #nerdynummies


8 BIT HEART COCOA - NERDY NUMMIES My husband LOVES hot cocoa and video games. This is definitely something I need to make for him. :)


HOW TO MAKE DEADPOOL CUPCAKES - NERDY NUMMIES - YouTube. I love Ro, but I am pinning this for the actual recipe this time. Maple cupcakes sound amazing, and I might have to make these for my son's birthday... different decoration (although these are awesome!)

from TipHero

Build And Bake A Lego Cake That’ll Take You Back To Childhood

I have never met anybody who didn’t absolutely love playing with Legos, have you? We all grew up playing with them, and some of us still do. (My husband is obsessed!) So this Lego cake creation from Rosanna Pansino is really something everybody will love...