@Megan Maxwell Welch ... Figured out what your Mom's "rose bushes" are :O))) they are Camellia's

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10PCS True Blood Charming Rose Bush Seeds Rare Lover Home Garden Plants #Unbranded

I want this rose bush! It's called Joseph's Coat of Many Colors Hybrid Tea Rose. Most people know it as "Joseph's Coat" It blooms pink, orange and yellow roses.

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Mini Rose Bush Care: Fertilize in early spring, after last & after pruning. Use an even 10-10-10 or 12-12-12 ratio at 1/2 recommended strength every 3 weeks. If outside give more fertilizer: (photosynthesis in direct sunlight). Use high phosphorus fertilizer 2 weeks after 1st leaf buds emerge. Outside: 6 weeks before 1st frost, stop fertilizer & reduce water. If temp below 0, add 1-2" mulch to base. Inside: they need a cool/cold period so they rest. Prune: mid-winter/early spring

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