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Planting Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon is actually a variety of hibiscus, which is native to Indian subcontinent and other Asian countries. Planting rose of sharon is possible in variety of zones as it is adaptable to multiple climates.


Planting Rose of Sharon

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How to Train a Rose of Sharon Hibiscus Bush to Become a Single Stem Tree

How to Train a Rose of Sharon Hibiscus Bush to Become a Single Stem Tree | Home Guides | SF Gate


Althea - type of Rose of Sharon We have this one and I love it - so prolific & few problems except those damn grasshoppers - and they eat everything!

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How to Prune a Rose of Sharon Bush to Create a Rose of Sharon Tree

Rose of Sharon, with its profuse blooms and resistance to pests, is one of the easiest shrubs to grow. It can also stand extreme pruning, if you wish to turn yours into a small tree instead. Such "limbing up" -- removal of excess stems and lower branches -- can allow you to grow other plants or grass under its canopy. Heavy pruning will also reduce the number of flowers, though the remaining ones should be larger.


If you don’t want to go through the ordeal of collecting seed, you’ll be happy to know that rooting rose of sharon cuttings is extremely easy. Learn more about how to grow a rose of sharon bush from cuttings in this article.

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How to Grow Rose of Sharon