What's a graphic novel about women in WWII without Rosie the Riveter? Great recruitment posters & ads from WWII. Women who inspire!

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WW2's iconic "Rosie the Riveter." With so many men drafted into the armed services, US factories--particularly those producing munitions and war equipment and supplies, were desperate for workers, and women entered the work force in "non-feminine jobs" in droves for the first time in history.

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Woman Ordnance Worker poster "The Girl He Left Behind". Shows Rosie the Riveter in red bandana, collectors and non-collectors love these Rosie posters. There were a number of variants done during the war, this is among the most desirable.

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See Rosie the Riveter at 95: Woman Who Inspired WWII Poster Was Lost to History…

Rosie the Riveter poster, bandana and authentic collar badge by RosiesLegacyGear on Etsy.

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Rosie the Rivoter... perhaps the most famous of the war propaganda props aside from Uncle Sam, although nobody really knows her name as well.

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"We Can Do It" poster by J. Howard Miller (1942). NOTE: It was a year later, 1943, when Normal Rockwell painted his famous "Rosie the Riveter."

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"Rosie the Riveter" began. Women had to go to work because all the men were gone to war.

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