Interesting: Does Mormonism Have a Marriage Problem. For once someone who looks at statistics rather than rhetoric or what's politically correct at the moment. Ross Douthat - Just another Blogs weblog

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Looking Away From Abortion - NY Which is true, but in this case not really true enough. Because real knowledge isn’t purely theoretical; it’s the fruit of experience, recognition, imagination, life itself.

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SERIOUS ON SUNDAY: It is increasingly clear that the Continent’s future will be determined by the French. A thought provoking op-ed piece in the The New York Times about the aftermath and future on the European continent.

"...But that isn’t what the data show. Instead, abortion rates are frequently higher in more liberal states, where access is often largely unrestricted, than in more conservative states, which are more likely to have parental consent laws, waiting periods, and so on. “Safe, legal and rare” is a nice slogan, but liberal policies don’t always seem to deliver the “rare” part..."

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Ross Douthat, a New York Times Op-Ed columnist, writes about politics, religion, moral values and higher education.

The most famous of the surviving Byzantine mosaics of the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople - the image of Christ Pantocrator [wiki]

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Abstract Connection: Ross Douthat is the person that Pollitt has based her response in her article off of.

Ross Douthat and the Catholic Academy | Word On Fire

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