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Amazing Stop-Motion Music Video Made Using 920 Colored Pencils

Amazing Stop-Motion Music Video Made Using 920 Colored Pencils. Against the Grain.


Created by: Nicos Livesey Directed by: Nicos Livesey & Tom Bunker Executive Producer: Harry Hill Producers: Posy Dixon, Dan Keefe, Nicos Livesey Lead 2D Animator: Blanca Martinez De Rituerto 2D Animation: Tom Bunker, Elisa Ciocca, Anne-Lou Erambert, Duncan Gist, Dan Hamman, Nicos Livesey, James Martin, Azusa Nakagawa, Nuno Neves, Joe Sparkes, Joe Sparrow, James Turzynski 3D Animation & Modelling: Luke Howell, Sam Munnings Rostrum Camera Operators: Stefan Iyapah, ...


Altered States - title sequence - YouTube / TITLE DESIGNER- Richard Greenberg / STYLES- 1980s, animation, animation stand, classic, live action, MOVIEmain title, mixed-media, montage, optical, rostrum camera, typographic

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Fast Film

Fast Film by Virgil Widrich. I saw this in 2003 and have never got it out of my head. It took 10 years to make and is one of the greatest piece of art I know-and most people don't even know about it!

Flash Gordon Opening Titles - YouTube / TITLE DESIGNER - Richard Greenberg / STYLES- 1980s, animation stand, illustration, MOVIEmain title, opening scene, optical, rostrum camera, typographic

Rue rosé was the first animated short film by Volker Schlecht. It was made as his graduation film at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle in 1996/97. The production was done in Prague at the animation studios Bratri v triku at Barrandov, drawn on paper and photographed under a traditional rostrum camera on 35mm. This upload is dedicated to the memory of our great teacher Eva Natus-Salamoun (+2014), who made this collaborative work possible. Many thanks to Detelina…