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Rotundifolia bluebell

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followthewestwind: Bluebells by Liisamaria on Flickr. Re-blogged pretty purple picture. (all-shades-of-purple)

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Bluebell (Campanula rotundifolia), symbol of the Middle Ostrobothnian county. Typical Finnish wild flowers.

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Name also: Bluebell, Scottish Harebell, Common Harebell, Bluebells of Scotland, Bluebells-of-Scotland, Bluebell Bellflower

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Campanula rotundifolia / Common Harebell / Scotch Bluebell -- a circumboreal plant native to many northern areas, attracts butterflies

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Bluebells....sometimes in early spring in Helstone..the forest clearing bursts in glorious carpeting of blue is a fragrant fragile enjoy, cherish and share if the Fates are kind ...

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