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Where to Eat in Round Rock, From Breakfast to Nightcaps

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13ML06 $1500.00 Gold from Round Mountain mine, Nye County, Nevada, Southwest USA. The small piece of quartz is host to what at first appear to be wires until you closer and see that each wire is an elongated spinel law twin! And the surfaces of many of the wires are in fact stacks of small cubes!

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Elspeth McLean - Mini Original Round Painting- Jewel Drop Mandala- Sumblime Lime with Pretty Purples. $30.00, via Etsy.

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Take a pilgrimage through American history with the award-winning series that has engaged generations of school children. With eleven classic animated songs, including "Shot Heard 'Round the World" and "Fireworks," your students will feel the beat of history as they learn about the key milestones, events and people that make up this great countr...

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The Moeraki Boulders are a big attraction, found on Koekohe Beach near Moeraki on New Zealand’s coast. The huge, gray, spherical stones formed in sediment on the sea floor 60 million years ago and were revealed by shoreline erosion. The boulders, some of which stand alone and some in clusters, can weigh several tons and measure 10 feet across.

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Free Income Tax preparation at the Round Rock Public Library