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Worksheet that can be used as a daily bell ringer. Students will practice skills with decimals that increase number sense.... expanded form, word form, comparing, multiply / divide by powers of 10, rounding, using a number line.


Winter Math Worksheets #2

Winter Math No Prep Printables Winter Riddles Math Riddle pack includes 12 worksheets that cover a variety of 3-5th grade topics to review while enjoying fun winter Jokes! An answer key is provided for each worksheet. Here is a list of all math topics. area place value 3 digit addition and subtraction multiplication expanded notation rounding to the nearest 10 and 100 Number Patterns Counting Money Fractions Decimals Fact Triangles Missing Addends Base 10 Blocks Place Value


Decimals Place Value 2 Trashketball Math Game

Decimals Place Value 2 Trashketball involves students rounding, comparing, ordering, and using a number line with decimals and shooting baskets at the end of each round. There are 4 rounds in this game with 8 questions in each round. $ gr 4-6


Decimal Crossword Puzzles - Rounding, Adding and Subtracting

crossword puzzles for rounding, adding and subtracting decimals. My kids LOVE working on these crossword puzzles1 $3