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Router In Networking

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How to Make Wi-Fi Faster in Your Home

How to Make Wi-Fi Faster in Your Home: The first step in learning how to make your WI-Fi faster is to download the owner's manual. Learn how:

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Nervous System's DIY App Lets Users Design Their Own Cellular Wooden Tables

Nervous System is a generative design studio that combines elements of science, design, art and technology to create one-of-a kind interiors. This DIY, bio-inspired app is one of their newest hybrid babies. Cut out from plywood using a CNC router in their own studio, the resulting wood table base looks just like a network of cells. Larger holes are filled in with glass panels while smaller holes are left empty, creating an organic feeling.

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The Most Important Security Settings to Change on Your Router

Your router is the first line of defense against hackers trying to access all the internet-connected devices in your home. Sadly, many of the top Wi-Fi routers are easy to hack. You should be concerned—and also make sure your router is set up properly.


For more information to get certified for Microsoft MCSA, CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+ and Cisco CCNA, CCNP please go to


The Raspberry Pi can be used as a router–great if you need a pocket-sized device to share an Internet connection.  It can also be used in conjunction with a cantenna. Requirements For This Walkthrough Materials Local network Mac or PC Raspberry Pi  running Raspbian “wheezy” Wireless USB Adapter HDMI Cable (*optional) Keyboard (*optional) Mouse (*optional) Monitor with HDMI input (*optional) *If the Raspberry Pi is set up as a headless machine, you will not need a monitor, keyboard, or ...


How Cisco routers boot Cisco IOS software? In short, Cisco routers can boot Cisco IOS software from: 1. Flash memory 2. TFTP server 3. ROM (not full Cisco IOS) ...

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How to Create a Wired Network at Home

This week's episode was inspired by Tech Talker listeners Mike and Bill. In a previous podcast, I talked about switches, routers, hubs, and bridges. In that episode I mentioned why having a wired home network would be extremely useful. Say you wanted to stream movies, home videos, share fil