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CELEBRIDADES FEMENINAS Por E TValens: Rowan Blanchard: Cada día mas hermosa, con una interesante personalidad.

I'm Erica Moon. I'm 14 years old and I'm the daughter of Austin and Ally. They took a break in their music career to raise me. I feel kind of bad making them end their dream, but my parents said I was their new dream. Anyway a bit about me. My best friend is Vie and I sometimes get her in trouble. I'm only trying to be a teen though, so really not my fault. I also love food, especially waffles. My mother finds it hilarious when my father and I get into an argument about which is better…


Rowan is one of my favorite human beings alive. She is a wonderful role model for today's youth, a feminist who wise beyond her years, and can teach us all how to take on the world.


Rowan Blanchard @rowanblanchard @kathleenkarriden...Instagram photo

Um, h-hi, I'm Riley... I'm very shy and insecure... I'm 16 and single, cause who would date a loser like me? Uh yea that's it...


Rowan Blanchard On Fashion, Feminism, & Why The Two Can (& Should) Coincide