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let me name as many characters as possible 'fore I run outta room: Royal Flush Gang! Roy Raymond, TV Detective! Raven! The Question! Quakemaster! The Red Tornado! The Golden Age Red Tornado! Reactron! Reverse-Flash! Rose and the Thorn! Queen Bee! Rex the Wonder Dog! Rag Doll! Rip Hunter! The Puzzler! The Golden Age Robotman! The Silver Age Robotman! Ra's Al Ghul! The Riddler! The Rainbow Raider! The Red Bee! Quislet! The Golden Age Robin! Jason Todd Robin (THAT PUNK)!! The Ray! HOW'D I DO?!


A former talk show personality, Roy Raymond JR. was selected by Batman to take his place as the Outsider's resident detective. Using Owl themed equipment gifted unto him by Batman, Roy takes his crusade against the scum of the Earth to the next level as Owlman.

Founder of Victoria's Secret, Roy Raymond from Marin County, California

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Roy Raymond

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Roy Raymond: The tragic genius at the heart of Victoria's Secret

Roy Raymond and the tragic story behind the genius of Victoria's Secret


Roy Raymond - All-TIME 100 Fashion Icons

Shout out to Roy Raymond, visionary helping people realize their dreams.... or fantasies