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1911 – The Canadian Naval Service becomes the Royal Canadian Navy. | Rating, HMCS Niobe, Royal #Canadian Navy, 1910-1920

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Canada JunoBeach 1 RCNCOMMANDO - Category:World War II forces of Canada in France - Wikimedia Commons

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UNIT 7 - Around 1.1 million Canadians served in WWII, including 106,000 in the Royal Canadian Navy and 200,000 in the Royal Canadian Air Force. The first canadian infantrymen to die in WWII was Private John Gray. He was captured and executed by the japanese on December 13, 1941 in Hongkong. Canada was the first commonwealth country to send troops to Britain in 1939.

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Royal Canadian Navy - Commando 1944 - Marine royale canadienne - Commando 1944

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ROYAL CANADIAN NAVY HMCS BONAVENTURE Displacement 16,000 tonnes. Armed with 4x3" (2 barrelled) guns plus 8x40mm bofor.

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An officer of the Royal Canadian Navy interviews two Canadian fishermen of Japanese ancestry following the confiscation of their fishing boat in British Columbia. In December of 1941, the Canadian government began enacting laws restricting the rights and movement of Japanese-Canadian civilians. On 4 March 1942, regulations under the War Measures Act prevented all citizens of Japanese heritage from remaining on Canada’s Pacific coast. Some 22,000 Japanese-Canadians were sent to detention…

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