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Ordinary Rating, Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service, 1942-1946 A member of the Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service, which was formed in 1942 and attracted some 4,300 volunteers. The elegant sky-blue summer uniform pictured here distinguished the Canadians from the British and Americans, who wore white. The dark-blue winter uniform was identical to that worn by female members of the British Royal Navy. Reconstruction by Ron Volstad. Pin by Paolo Marzioli

Naval Analyses: FLEETS #9: Royal Australian Navy, Belgian Navy and Royal Canadian Navy in 2015

1911 – The Canadian Naval Service becomes the Royal Canadian Navy. | Rating, HMCS Niobe, Royal #Canadian Navy, 1910-1920


#1911 – The Canadian Naval Service becomes the Royal Canadian Navy. | the royal #canadian navy rcn marine royale #canadienne in french was the ...


1944- Sailor make his way across deck of a Royal Canadian Navy Corvette coming through a tour of convoy escort duty in the North Atlantic with a heavy coating of ice.


Royal Canadian Navy Introduces New Tactical Operator Position

{ ROYAL CANADIAN NAVY INTRODUCES NEW TACTICAL OPERATOR POSITION } ..... "In recent years, the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) has been a little behind the times, but lately they have really been pushing to up their game. Since their recent discipline issues and ships malfunctioning at sea, the RCN has buckled down and begun upgrading their capabilities. Recent press releases have officially announced the awarding of contracts for upgrading.."…


The guided-missile frigate USS Rentz (FFG 46), left, and the Royal Canadian Navy frigate HMCS Iroquois (F 280) transit the Caribbean Sea during the UNITAS 2013 multinational maritime exercise hosted this year by the Colombian Navy. U.S. participation in UNITAS 2013 was scaled down as a result of sequestration. Royal Canadian Navy photo by Cpl. Anthony Chand