A “Royal” Tiara This is the tiara of Mandy at MandysRoyalty.org. It measures 2″ high in the center, and is called the Fantasy Trellis Tiara. For real royal tiaras and other famous jewels, visit http://mandysroyalty.org/royal_rep/category/royal-jewels/page/5/#sthash.hoZ71eW2.dpuf

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**♥PEARL*CLEOPATRA♥** **♥ADIVA*QUEEN*KAKAKADU♥** **♥BEAUTY*MALE*FACE♥*** ***R*N*A*8*A*N*R*** ***D*N*A*8*A*N*** ***D*COD*** ***LOVELIGHT*** ***ADIVAQUEEN*** ♥♥♥LOVE♥♥FOREVER♥♥♥ Royal Tiaras

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The Cambridge Lover's Knot Tiara. Queen Elizabeth gave this to Princess Diana as a wedding gift. Queen Mary wore this tiara a lot.

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Princess Alice daughter of Queen Victoria of Britain, Grand Duchess Alice of Hesse - Hesse Tiara

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