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Fireworks, smoke-bombs at Kyiv march marking far-right holiday -

Thousands of Germans protest government military policies, NATO's confrontation with Russia over Syria -

The CIA has been coordinating weapon deliveries on the Turkey-Syria border, German journalist Jurgen Todenhofer, who recently spoke with a Jabhat al-Nusra commander, told RT. He added that the US knows that the weapons it delivers to rebels end up with terrorists.

Iranian warships deployed off Yemen coast after US bombs Houthi targets Iran has deployed a fleet of warships to the Gulf of Aden, the republic’s naval commander has conf…

The Russian president also noted that, according to former intelligence agents, the NSA operates in violation of US law, while in Russia intelligence agencies work in accordance with legal and constitutional norms. As he finished that statement, a brief blackout turned off the president's microphone. "I said something wrong apparently," the Russian leader joked. The NSA’s Far Reach? Power Fails After Putin ‘Said Something Wrong’ (VIDEO)


Social networking giant Facebook has been ordered by German authorities to stop collecting and storing data from WhatsApp after users claimed their digital privacy was at risk. The privacy regulator also ruled that the data that has already been forwarded should be deleted.

Local fisheries have begun a debris cleanup near the Fukushima plant for the first time since the tsunami-triggered nuclear disaster. However a plan to start trial fishing next year may face a setback as a nearly-completed ice wall is failing to halt water contamination.


Syrian government forces have re-captured Aleppo’s central district of al-Farafirah from terrorists, state outlet SANA reported, citing army sources.