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Roofing Material Guide

rubber roof tiles look like slate. When you need to tile over your roof. 10 to15 yrs. old.

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Recycled slate-style rubber roofing, made from tires. not for me for TOXIC reasons... but recycling of any kind is good for us all.

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Euroshield Eco-Friendly Roof Shingles Made from Recycled Tires

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RV Roof Maintenance Tips,Types,and Care: Rubber, Aluminum, Fiberglass

RV roof maintenance can change from RV to RV based on the material your RV has. Our guide shares tips for each type and how to care for it.

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Recycled rubber roof shingles are an innovative roofing material that saves home owners money and saves the environment. Made from recycled tires, these roofing shingles are durable, dependable, and more eco-friendly than ordinary wood or slate. We all know tires are thrown out everyday. They are just dumped and someone has to take them and dispose of them.

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Classicbond Rubber Roofing EPDM Whether you are a roofing professional or home owner and looking for a flat rubber roofing material that is both sustainable ...

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