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Use Mr. Clean in a Rug Doctor carpet shampooer. Cheaper than the brand name solution. $3 v/s $20. My carpets are off white. The color in this solution will NOT stain your carpet. See the treated side of the cola stain? I used Mr. Clean 'Gain' scented. My whole house smells like Gain dryers sheets! Use 1/2 cup of Mr. Clean per 2 gallons of hot water.


A friend that owns rental property told me to try Tide with Bleach Alternative in my hot water carpet cleaning machine as one last try before I ripped up the carpet. She swears by it being the best thing ever so I tried it. S I put Tide in my Rug Doctor with water just like normal carpet shampoo. It saved 900 sq ft of carpet plus a matching carpeted stairway. I would strongly suggest trying a very small spot in the corner on colored carpets as you don't know if it would fade carpet fibers.

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How to Deep Clean Your Carpets: Bissell Big Green vs the Rug Doctor

How to Deep Clean Your Carpets: Bissell Big Green vs the Rug Doctor - Happily Ever After, Etc.

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Tips on Using a Rug Doctor on Really Dirty Carpet


Carpet cleaning solution: 1 cup Oxyclean 1 cup Fabreeze 1 cup vinegar Use this instead of commercial solution that comes with Rug Doctor, etc

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The Rug Doctor Experience: How A 24-Hour Rental Rocked My Home

We rented a Rug Doctor and here's how it works (both logistically and in terms of results). #StayClean2016 #RugDoctorDifference #ad