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Run Faster, Longer, Stronger, and Injury-Free

This infographic of the best running form cues will help you move more fluidly and efficiently whether you’re a casual runner or marathon addict.

11 Easy Moves That Make Running Way Less Miserable: Skip to it!

11 Easy Moves That Make Running Way Less Miserable


As runners we tend to focus on building our legs, strengthening our core, eating right and perfecting our running form. What we have most likely overlooked is the element most essential for any activity, our breathing.

9 Tips To Improve Running

Become a better runner with these 9 Ways to Improve Your Running Form! #runner #running #fitness


Butt Workouts on

#Infographic Good Running Technique - Finally an infographic with all the correct advice!


Resistance Band Exercises for Runners

Running is about more than just hitting the pavement. Strength training is crucial to improving form, efficiency and pace, and adding resistance bands to your workout is an easy, low-stress way to build strength in the muscles runners use most. We teamed up with Theraband to bring you the best resistance band exercises to make you a faster, stronger runner in no time. Click to find "Resistance Band Exercises for Runn…