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The Landing, 1911 ~ Rupert Charles Wulsten Bunny ~ (Australian: 1864-1947)

Michael Zürn le jeune, Ange adorateur, 1682. Bois de tilleul, nouveau socle. Salzburg Museum, 18,5 x 12 x 6,5 cm (avec socle), Land de Salzbourg © Salzburg Museum / Rupert Poschacher

Rupert Bear Annual 1939 - The Adventures of Rupert - Rare Original


Louis Riel, Metis leader of the Red River Rebellion and Northwest Rebellion in Manitoba and Saskatchewan in the late 1800s. He was exiled from Canada and still managed to find time to help found the province of Manitoba. Also, he was convicted of treason and was executed in 1885 for standing against the Eastern-run government to support the rights of indiginous peoples in the West.


MERLIN MANIA ARCHIVE: Rupert Young (aka Sir Leon from Merlin) Meme


Rupert's Land, 1670-1870. In 1869 - 1870, the Hudson's Bay Company sold most of Rupert's Land, as well as the North-Western Territory, to the newly formed Canadian Government, pursuant to the Rupert's Land Act 1868. This is the largest purchase of land in Canada's history, comparable to the Louisiana Purchase of the United States of America


On 14 August 1940, while scrambled with A Flight of No 32 Squadron RAF at 12.30, P/O Rupert F Smythe, spotting 9 Me 109 fighters 30 minutes into the patrol, circling above at 16,000ft northwest of RAF Hawkinge, caught up and despatched Me 109E-1 Black Chevron + Black 8 off Dover at 12.45, flown by Fw Gerhard Kemen of 1/JG26, who bailed out, badly wounded, over the Channel. Hit in the glycol tank of Hurricane Mk I GZ-N, the 25-year-old Irishman made an emergency landing at the airfield.