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A Fantastic Depiction of 'Rusalka', A Mythical Water Spirit Who Kills Young Men - What an ART

A fantastic depiction of 'Rusalka', A mythical water spirit who lures young men into water to drown them.


RUSALKA According to Slavic folklore, a rusalka is the spirit of a young women who was murdered in or close to a lake or river. They appear as beautiful young women with bright green eyes who try to lure men and children into the water, where they will drown them. Their shrill laughter is known to be deadly to humans.


Gasping, Ihronn came up from unfamiliar waters, a forbidding and foreign shore in sight. He shivered and, looking down saw his nakedness transformed. He began to weep, heaving quietly in the waves. For the first time, he felt safe. (LH) #trans #fiction


Rusałka in Slavic mythology is female water nymph that dwells at the bottom of river. Rusałka sing sweet songs to entrap men into the water and drown them. She would also entice children with singing and then tickle them to death. Rusalka can also live on land, climb trees during the night and sing.