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.Russian architecture that resembles the traditional Russian head dress called Kokoshniki

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La residencia se originó en 1717, cuando Catalina I de Rusia contrató a arquitecto alemán Johann-Friedrich Braunstein para construir un palacio de verano para su placer.

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10 Awesome Castles from Around the World

Russian architecture is so elegant with the spheres on the top of the building and the amazing colors!!

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Church of the Savior on Blood ~ St Petersburg, Russia I LOVED St Petersburg! Parts of it were breathtakingly beautiful

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Closer look from Nikolay Bugrov's house. (Merchant in 1880's Nizhny Novgorod)

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Igumnov House (a detail) is a historic house of ancient Rus style and is the residence of the French Ambassador to Russia.It was built in 1883-1893 by Nikolay Pozdeyev and cost the architect his life. In 1880 Nikolay Igumnov hired Nikolay Pozdeyev to rebuild his mansion into a larger residence but constantly put changes into the work of architect. The house became a target of art critics so Igumnov refused to pay overcosts to Pozdeyev; ruined architect committed suicide in October 1893.

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Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral at Peterhof, Russia. Another 'must visit', just look at the design detail and how well this beautiful piece of history has been preserved. ♥

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