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Russian Defense News

In response to NATO’s efforts to enlist new member-countries, a member of the defense and security committee for Russia’s Upper


Russia Plans to Field the T-99, a Radically New Main Battle Tank by 2015 - Defense Update - Military Technology & Defense News


Incredible blockbuster reporting by Brian Ross. He even interviewed and got on record that Trump has received 100s of millions of dollars from Russian oligarchs! Trump even invited a reported Russian Mafia figure to one of his events, per the report.  ...


More than 100 military vehicles and 20,000 soldiers for the Victory Day parade 2011 Moscow 0605113 | May 2011 news defense army military industry UK | Military army defense industry news year 2011

from UPI

Russia confirms evidence of chemical weapons in Aleppo, Syria

Russia's chemical warfare defense unit found militants in Aleppo, Syria, are using chemical weapons, the Russian Defense Ministry announced Friday.

"Voice of America": Trump may appoint Pro-Russian politician to post of Defense Minister -

#world #news Defense Ministry: Ukraine to hold military drills as planned despite Russian threats #freeSuschenko #FreeUkraine