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Rozalia Russian.. dress c/o Eastland.. #stylethebump #chicbump

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This Easy Homemade Russian Dressing Has Quite a Kick

Iceberg lettuce is mostly water and almost zero nutritional value. If you add on that creamy dressing for a nice crisp wedge salad, you can really turn this into a calorie trap. Try spinach or arugula and go vinaigrette.

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Russian Tea Room Russian Dressing

Russian Dressing is a wonderful salad dressing that you can make, this isn't your normal bottled salad dressing.


Flo's Russian Dressing

Art couldn't get enough of his sister's homemade salad dressing. He loved it so much, he named it after her and decided to share it with the world. Flo's Russian Dressing is one of our favorites in the Test Kitchen, too!