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Women of the Russian Revolution, 1917. My great grandparents were there ~~ my grandfathers parents on my mothers side.

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Two revolutions, the first of which, in February (March, New Style), overthrew the imperial government and the second of which, in October (November), placed the Bolsheviks in...

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Russian Revolution of 1917.jpg: Bolsheviks march on Red Square beginning the Civil War between "Red" (Bolsheviks) and "White" (anti Bolshevik) factions and led to the Abdication of Nicholas II, Collapse of the Imperial Government, Collapse of the Provisional Government, with the Bolsheviks utlimately victorious in establishing the USSR in 1922 - the first communist state.

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What Happened During the 1917 Russian Revolutions?

Street barricade with artillery during the February 1917 Russian Revolution - (Photo by Imagno/Getty Images)

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Russian Revolution, 1917. Russian troops firing on demonstrators with machine guns, June 4, 1917, by Karl Karlovich Bulla At least 700 people were killed or wounded....while Lenin went into hiding. This is significant because it shows the political tension of Russia at the beginning of the twentieth century. It shows how the military treated its people and that demonstrators are unhappy with their current state (poverty and limited rights).

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By Victor Theodor Slama (1890-1973), 1927, Zehn Jahre Sowjet Russland, Kunstlerische Feier der Russischen Revolution (celebration of the Russian Revolution).

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Russian Revolution 1917

Peasants did have some rights; village governments regulated many aspects of life. Most peasants remained poor and illiterate; they paid high taxes and performed extensive labor services in agriculture, mining, and manufacturing.

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