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Russian Tv Channels

Russian TV Channel RUTV - "Tomorrow at #stratecast comes model Alena Shishkova #missalena.92 !😍☺ Don't miss out! #рутв #аленашишкова #столзаказоврутв " #rutv

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ULA tv ident

Project for local russian tv channel.

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A Russian TV Channel Is Broadcasting Weather Forecasts For Syrian Air Raids

Ведущая прогноза погоды на телеканале «Россия-24» рассказала, что погодные условия являются подходящими для бомбардировок, которые российская авиация осуществляет в Сирии. В прогнозе погоды отмечается, что октябрь - достаточно благоприятн... #россия-24, #сирии, #прогноза #Likada #PRO #news #новость

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Reports of 10-year-old killed in Ukraine 'made up'

Information War. BBC. April 8, 2015 (The news had been reported by three Russian TV channels)

A reporter for a global Russian TV channel has resigned over what she called the Kremlin-funded station's


Natalia Poklonskaya - the pictures you have to see… from 13 PHOTOS ... She was so focused in her duties that news about her rising popularity only reached her when Russian TV channel featured her in recent news.